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Anon is adequately equipped to provide all the required trademark registration services in Chennai & across India,We also assist to register designs, patents, logos copyrights, brand designs, label designs& all IP related registrations.

Why Anon

Our trademark process start with an industry expert trademark attorneys to make sure whether the trademark can get it registered or not and how to proceed further to succeed. These consultations are saving you lot of time and money at the preliminary stage. Very cautiously our trademark attorneys analyze in various aspects such as similarity with well known marks, Prohibited Marks, phonetically similar & Nonproprietary Names (INN) in each trademark before filing it. Documents will be prepared and verified by trademark experts not with a data entry operators, it is not fill in the blanks kind of form, it needs more expertise to create strong base for the mark to get it registered

Moreover you no need to come in person to do this , you can complete the entire process via online and our customer support team will help you in the entire process

Initial Registration Process for Trademark Registration in India

1) Prepare basic search on the brand name.

2) Prepare basic documents and brand logo regarding the Trademark Registration.

3) File the TM Application Form with Government Fee & attached your representative trademark lawyer digital signature.

4) Pay the fee via net banking.

5) Get the final acknowledgement receipt and use "TM" before your brand name

Examination Report & Trademark Publication

Now after the 3-12 months of the filing of the application, Trademark registry department examination the trade name & logo in accordance with the provision of trademark act. then if an object is raised then a objection report has been issued by the department and provide a time for the reply on the objection with the evidence of the documents.After the reply to the above objection report, trademark registry is satisfied with the reply then go ahead for the trademark publication and advertised the brand name in trademark journal of India

Now if your some other person or company have a objection on that trademark then he can file a objection again from the 4 months after the trademark publication with the documents

Final Trademark Registration Certificate

If no one file the opposition again the respective trademark then authority issued a final Trademark Registration Certification which is valid for the 10 years from the date of the filings.

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